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Thread: Online causing thoughts of suicide

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    Online causing thoughts of suicide

    I just played another game with about 6 scrums i didn't come close to winning. The lines just seem to be all over the place. So if it's true that lag is shared equally (as the admin people insist) what is it these other genius players are doing that I cant figure out? Surely if lag was shared we would have equal chance, i never ever win scrums, ever.

    Furthermore surely there is no honour in beating someone when clearly they are being prevented from scrummaging right, some kind of gentleman's agreement of not contesting scrums on he other guys feed when he is just shooting blind would be good..

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    some times if i know the other guy is having problems with scrums i wont push on the first hit out. on their feed only. ... if its laggy i dont bother looking at the lines ... rather use the sound of the grunting to help me.

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    Anticipate the lag, press early so after the lag they land close to the middle, after a few times you'll get the hang of it.

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